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Welcome to the Bombay Breed Council Website!  Through a vision of a “mini panther”, prominent CFA breeder Nikki Horner of Louisville, Kentucky began her quest to create what would become the Bombay.  Beginning in 1956, Ms. Horner began by breeding a Black American Shorthair with a Sable Burmese.  Through many years of selective breeding, the dream of producing a hardy black cat with a gleaming “patent leather” coat, luminous copper colored eyes, and a sweet, lap-loving personality became a reality.  The Bombay was accepted for Championship status by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) in 1976, and so began the journey of Bombay breeders to continue Ms. Horner’s vision.  In the 31 years since the breed’s acceptance, breeders of this wonderful cat have continued to “carry the torch” to lovingly care for and improve on Nikki’s dream with the ultimate goal of  the “perfect” Bombay.

I invite you now to explore the progression of the Bombay from it’s beginning to the present through our website.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we, Bombay breeders past and present, have ours.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at blacpurl01@aol.com or CFA at cfa@cfa.org

Donna Hetherington
Bombay Breed Council Secretary
May 2007